Pinnacle Management is committed to building an environment where individuals collaborate and grow. We believe that the future can be created through the efforts of like-minded individuals working toward a desired shared outcome.


Based in Arlington, Texas, Pinnacle Management has put together many strategic business units including:

      •  Technology - Software companies and necessary related services to build new business

       • Entertainment - Creating live music performances and events

       • Real Estate - Property management, real estate investment and the creation of exciting places

       • Management Services - Administrative infrastructure for growing businesses

Pinnacle Management is developing 9 parcels on 6.4 acres of land and 55k square feet of lease space in the Downtown Arlington area.  The company takes pride in its property management, real estate investment and community development projects such as "The Rise of East Main Street," which will complement and enhance the current development in the area and leverage the Arlington Street redesign in downtown Arlington, Texas.  

We are constantly renovating and working towards reducing our carbon footprint in various ways as well, like upgrading to LED lighting in some of our rental properties.  “It’s more than just saving money.  Having light that is better and more efficient for our tenants is important for maintaining a healthy work environment,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of Pinnacle Management.  

Pinnacle Management anticipates many exciting changes on the horizon, and can't wait to see what is in store for Downtown Arlington and the DFW Metroplex.



Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson

Founder and CEO

Dee Johnson CFO

Tina Ruggeberg Controller

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