PRESS RELEASE- Pinnacle Management adds LED Lighting in Curtis Building

Pinnacle Management is proud to announce that it has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by switching from obsolete florescent and incandescent lighting fixtures to a commercial LED lighting system. The project was implemented in one of its downtown Arlington properties, The Curtis Building located at 318 West Main in Arlington, Texas.  The property is the first of Pinnacle Management’s holdings to be retrofitted to a long-life energy conscious lighting system.  The project was completed in July 2017, by Aquila Environmental, a Fort Worth-based energy efficiency lighting ESCO.

“This has been an important energy project for Aquila Environmental, as it is our first commercial project in the booming and revitalized downtown / UTA district of Arlington.  A sub-market that we put a lot of future stock in,” said John Sledge, President and CEO of Aquila Environmental.  Aquila’s clients range from institutional caliber property owners like Blackstone Real Estate, to five-star resorts like Four Seasons, and onto many locally owned commercial and industrial businesses.

LEDs give off far more light than traditional lamps and use a fraction of the energy to run, therefore reducing the impact on the environment.  They last much longer too, which means less waste at the end of their life and drastically reduced facility maintenance costs.  Older lighting emits harsh light and can make a “hum” sound when on which can wear on a person’s energy levels.  LEDs are virtually silent and can come in cool lighting shades which are more pleasing and less strenuous to the eye.  Unlike other lights that require a warm-up period and will begin to flicker and degrade over time, LED lights will keep the facility consistently and evenly illuminated throughout their long life which has also been objectively proven to increase morale and productivity levels of employees

“It’s more than just saving money.  Having light that is better and more efficient for our tenants is important for maintaining a healthy work environment,” said Bob Johnson, CEO of Pinnacle Management.  “We hope to change over more of our properties to LED lighting in the near future.”

For more information about Pinnacle Management or The Curtis Building mentioned above, email us at or call 817-522-0505.